As a small business owner do you find it difficult to find your audience?  As a professional photographer that was one of my biggest setbacks in the beginning. Where did I want to go with my photography?  Did I want to have a clean airy style, a bright and colorful style, a vintage style etc? The truth was I just didn’t know. It took me a few years of me trying to emulate others style and brand when all I needed to do was to be myself.

That’s right! The key to attracting an audience that continues to come back is just to be yourself. I know sounds so cliche, but hear me out. Think about yourself and what you look for in bloggers, influencers, brands, companies etc. The ones that really resonate with you what are they offering you? Are they cold and stuffy business types? Are they types that make you feel like you are special and can relate? I’m most certain that you resonate more with what you can relate to. It’s just human nature.

When trying to develop your audience you need to delve more into what makes you unique. Are you a serious person, a happy bubbly person or somewhere in between? Once you realize what you have about yourself that makes you special then it’s time to really get to work. It’s true what they say “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Take this new found information and develop a plan on how you are going to seek out your audience.

Does your target audience primarily hang out on Instagram? If so then let’s really work on bringing out your charm on this platform. Let’s say you are a happy/bubbly person/business. This means you want to portray this on your account. You should post happy upbeat colorful images. Share captivating captions that are uplifting and inspiring, Try to create short 1 minute videos to post that really portray your personality. The whole idea behind this is that you will start attracting those individuals that also love bright and fun content. Whether you are selling something or just selling yourself they will feel inspired to click that follow button.

Do this with all the avenues available to you not just Instgram. Really sit down and plan out how you can make your personality shine. I know I really just dove into the personality side of attracting an audience, but don’t worry I will be turning this into a series of posts to really reach into how to effectively grow your audience. No matter if you are just an individual or a business.

Let me know in the comments what you’ve done to showcase your personality to your audience.  Has showing your true self helped in attracting your audience?

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