Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I spend a lot of time looking for great apps to help me keep my Instagram running smoothly. I have gathered 10 of my favorite apps that keep me on top of everything.


This is a must have app for running your Instagram. Instagram only offers 1 clickable link on your profile. This means we have to make this link work for us. is a link service to help with shortening links. This makes it easier for a prospect to remember the link you’ve posted. That’s not the best part of the app. The best part is the included analytics of the app. That’s right you can see how many clicks each link your post gets. You can also check which sites are getting the most traffic from ad the locations where they reside. This gives you the chance to calculate your numbers where just five a regular link does not.


InsTrack is one of the most powerful tools for Instagram management. The bare bones of the app is free. This includes things such as your gained followers, lost followers, non followers, fans, media insights, etc. You can unlock more features, but that will set you back a one time fee. It really depends on what exactly you are looking for. I specifically use the free features as I only care to know who is unfollowing me. I’ve tried several apps similar to this one but none of them seem to offer the quality of features you get here.


This app is a new app I have found. I have tried so many hashtag generators and I love many of them but this one tops my list. When you open the app it seems very minimal, but don’t let this fool you. This is a powerful tool. All you have to do is enter a starter hashtag and it will them bring up 100 hashtags relating to the original hashtag. All you have to do is select the hashtags you like and copy and paste them to your post. It also has inclusion stats that show you the most relevant hashtags. This makes it all easy to navigate and determine which hashtags are most relevant for your post.




I was on the hunt for an app that would allow me to design my feed. I needed to be able to arrange and rearrange as I pleased to get the right look. This is very important if you are using Instagram for your brand. The main thing that drew me into unum was their customer services. I found them on twitter after VSCO changed their app and caused an uproar with people who also used it to design their feed. Unum is witty and clever and confident in their app. After downloading it I realized they definitely could back up their claims. This app lets you pull in your current photos on your Instagram, add new images and rearrange them, set alarms and reminders, view analytics and even edited the photos all within the app. You also get to add several accounts, which makes this a dream for a social media manager like myself.


Knowing when to post on Instagram is half the battle. You want to make sure you are generating the most engagement possible. This means posting when your followers are most active is a must. The apps main function is free. You are allowed up to 3 instagram accounts with this app or you can unlock unlimited accounts for $4.99. Everyday you are able to get the 3 best times for your account and it will alert you when it’s the best time to post. If you desire to have a more in depth look into when to post to your account you can purchase the rest of the analytics for $3.99.


Video is quickly becoming one of the most critical things for social media. You want to keep the users in your feed and one way to do this is to captivate them with a video. This app gives you a quick and easy animated videos for your brand. Marketing has never been so easy. The free version gives you 7 designs for free and everyday they give you 1 free premium design to use for free. They have a $10 a month premium service that includes multiple designs. All of the designs give you a polished and professional look. Perfect for your advertisements and announcements.


This is an app offered by Instagram Inc. It allows you to create animated GIFS to use on your feed. I use this frequently and love it. Everyone loves the moving images, because they can be fun and quirky. It gives your feed a fun vibe and definitely ups your Instagram game.


You hear this all the time “AUTOMATE”! It just makes it easier for you to complete tasks on a daily basis. This app allows you to create custom recipes with “If this, Then that” statements. For example if I want to post an Instagram post to Twitter and have it actually post the image on Twitter instead of a link you use this recipe. “If I post an image to Instagram, then post it as an image to twitter.” Don’t worry you don’t have to create these yourself. Many users have already made many recipes and shared them for others to use. This app is in my everyday routines and after I set up the recipes I have nothing left to do.



Don’t have Photoshop? Don’t fret, Canva is an amazing graphic design app. It’s super easy to use and best of all free. They have tons of layouts that are professional and sure to make your feeds look more polished


I use the notes app to add hashtags for different types of posts. After I add them in the app all I have to do is go back and copy and paste them into the Instagram post. This saves me a lot of time researching hashtags and typing it all out.

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