How many of you know of a stationery/pen addict? If you don’t know of one you do now. It’s me! I’m a
stationery/pen addict. Today however I want to talk about some of my favorite highlighters: the Stabilo
Boss highlighters. Let me introduce you to some of the juiciest highlighters that I have ever used. Stabilo
Boss Highlighters are short and fat and full of fun colors. They highlighters were developed in Germany
in 1971. Yeah they are basically older than me, but who am I to judge.

Currently I have both the original and cool swing styles in the original and pastel color schemes. These
will be the ones I will be reviewing today. Please be aware that I am not sponsored by Stabilo and
purchased these highlighters on my own accord. All of my opinions are my own and should be taken as


These highlighters are a weird shape compared to many other highlighters, but that is their charm. They
are short and chubby. I find them to be great for people like me that deal with arthritis. The large grip of
the marker allows for me to hold them easily.

The short and chubby size however do make them a little harder to carry around or store. I currently store mine in a square acrylic storage box from the dollar
tree. It fits them so nicely and I sit them on my desk.


  • Chisel tip
  • 2 line widths: 2mm and 5mm
  • 4 hour dry out protection
  • 9 fluorescent colors
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Lilac pink
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Turquoise blue green
    • Yellow
    • Lavender
  • 6 pastel colors
    • Pink blush
    • Creamy peach
    • Milky yellow
    • Lilac haze
    • Touch of turquoise
    • Hint of mint
  • Refillable
  • Water based ink

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters

While the classic Stabilo Boss Highlighters are short and chubby the Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters are
longer and thinner. They aren’t round like most highlighters, but rectangular in shape. These are easier
to store in a pencil pouch and not take up too much room.


  • Chisel tip
  • 4 hours dry out protection
  • Clip
  • Non-slip matte grip area
  • 2 line widths: 1mm and 4mm
  • Water based ink

Of all the colors I prefer the softer pastels over the fluorescent colors. The pastel colors give a subtle
highlight that doesn’t overpower your work. The classic colors are perfect. They are nice and bright
while still soft enough not to hurt the eyes. I find these highlighters to be nice and juicy, however they
don’t bleed through the paper. I do sometimes see some shadowing, but it isn’t too bad to make it an
issue. I have also found that smearing is minimal on most types of pens. I do find that gel pens tend to
smear with these as well as ink jet printed material.


Would I recommend these highlighters? ABSOLUTELY! They are worth every penny. I have had mine for
months and use them quite a bit and have yet to have any issues or have them dry out on me. If you are
looking for the perfect highlighters for your collection these are a must have.

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