A little over 10 years ago Bridget started a photography business. One of the things that she struggled with was managing the parts of the business she loved and the parts that she didn’t love so much.  You know those little pesky tasks that aren’t so bad, but take up loads of time. Time that you could be working on more important tasks. We think this is something a lot of small businesses struggle with.  We think we can do it all, but in reality we just don’t time to do everything. 

She decided that She would love to help other creatives & small business owners create balance within their businesses. Whether this means that she would coach them on how to better handle tasks or she took over and do these tasks for them. If we all could be like an octopus and have multiple arms then we’d be #goals, however we aren’t so lucky.  There is nothing wrong with admitting that we need help and can’t do it all on our own. We will gladly help you take some of those mundane tasks off of your hands. Let’s chat!

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