Hello everyone! I have a a confession to make. So I am going to keep it 100% honest with you. I have an addiction! It’s a glasses addiction! That’s right I have a problem with buying cute and affordable eyeglasses that will allow me to change up my style while still being able to see. When you can find them at a reasonable price your options become endless! OK I’m done screaming. I got a little carried away. The best part of being able to get reasonably prices glasses is the fact that you can have several backup pairs and accessorize them. Over the past couple years I have accumulated quite a bit of glasses. When I get the urge for a new pair I would go searching for new companies to try out. I have quite a collection from just plain black acetate glasses to floral cateye styles.

This all started when I broke my glasses in half and was terrified because I only had that one pair. They were acetate and I went searching all over youtube to find out the best way to fix them until I got a new pair. I then went searching for the cheapest place I could find for a new pair hoping that the glasses would be good. Ever since then I haven’t looked back. I’ve┬ádecided that I wanted to make a “series ” on both this blog and my YouTube channel about some of the best places to get your glasses for an affordable price and still look cute! It’s true you no longer have give up style for affordability. I want to show you that you too can find amazing pairs of glasses and not pay those steep prices. I hope that you enjoy these blog/vlogs and you find them helpful in your search to look stylish for less.

Keep an eye out for my next post about Payne Glasses. I found them on Instagram when they were fairly new and have already shopped there twice now.

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